NEDA, Project HEAL, and Recovery Spark have teamed up to raise awareness about eating disorders and celebrate those who have supported people in their recovery (Recovery Heroes). Who is your recovery hero?

Creative Eating Disorder Recovery Resources

WE ARE a team of artists who have set out to create high quality eating disorder recovery resources for individuals suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. 

WE BELIEVE that authenticity matters, therefore we try and put helpful resources and supports out there that are not "all cleaned up" but have a level of true grittiness to them. Because real recovery from an eating disorder demands authenticity.

WE HOPE you will find a little more motivation for recovery while you are visiting here with us. We intentionally seek to create resources and tools that will inspire you to pursue wholeness and freedom from the eating disorder.

WE ARE OPEN to suggestions for topics of blog posts, articles, films, or other resources, tools, and supports that you feel would be helpful toward moving  people suffering from eating disorders toward recovery and living in their meaning in life.


| Johanna's inspirational story of recovery from an eating disorder |