Coming Soon  |  August 1


Recovery is hard enough. But it is even harder to move toward recovery when every day you feel alone in the struggle.

Soon enough, many people always find themselves falling back.

     Back to old habits.

     Back to old ways of dealing with anxiety, stress, depression.

In this series of short films, we seek to help you connect with the part of your soul that wants to change.

     The part of your soul that says "enough is enough."

     The piece of you that knows there is more out there in life and wants to grab it by the horns.

And you know what? You can!

People reach out and recover every single day in our world.

     They hold onto truth rather than emotions.

     And they work, one day at a time, to become the person they want to be.

Do you have this desire in you? Would you like to have your life back?

We believe that you can. And we hope that you do.