Eating Disorder REcovery Community

We are always looking for ways to build and outfit this site to help serve people moving toward recovery from an eating disorder.

What if there was a place where like minded, recovery oriented people could go to feel connected, part of a movement, part of a community of people who can say "me too" and care enough to help support one another toward recovery?


That would be powerful. Help us build this place. Please send any suggestions you have!

Simply put... We love to connect with people.

If you suffer from an eating disorder and are taking positive steps toward recovery, we would love to hear from you and write about the things and issues that matter to you.

We are open to suggestions!

If you are in recovery or fully recovered from an eating disorder, we would love to connect and hear your story. If you are open to it, we would also be open to helping you share your story on our site.

There is nothing more powerful to someone who is currently "in the struggle" than to hear that real change is possible. 

Reclaiming Beauty

The idea of "beauty" has been hijacked in our culture. Both females and males feel immense pressure to try and display a specific "look." 

And while we many of us have over-focused on our exterior,

 We miss the beautiful world around us moving and glowing each day,

We miss the beauty of our own God-given bodies at work doing the things we were created to do,

We miss priceless moments with our loved ones when we are in our own heads worrying about the details,

And we miss the truth that there is beauty in and around all of us every single day.

For these reasons, we want to RECLAIM BEAUTY.

But we need your help. 

Connect with us on our Facebook page (click reclaiming beauty below) and share your own beautiful pictures of the world as you encounter it. There is a space for visitors to post pictures (we will then add to our "Reclaiming Beauty" picture album for all to view. Please just make sure they are appropriate :)