What would happen if a group of artists came together to form creative, eating disorder recovery resources from a new perspective?



We want to offer creative, high quality eating disorder recovery resources to individuals suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, or any struggles with eating. 

We want to become a community where people connect to share their story of struggle and recovery, always empowering people toward hope, meaning, and positive change.

We want our readers and viewers to offer suggestions and help co-create this community of brave people striving toward recovery.

We want to give a voice to people who have recovered to share their story in a way that it can help others.

How we got started

As a psychologist, I (Mike) have worked with many wonderfully brave people who have fought for recovery from eating disorders and succeeded. Most of these individuals had some sort of breakthrough moment (sometimes several) where something clicked and their fight for recovery from an eating disorder suddenly became a little easier and they were, instead of fighting their disorder, running to live the life they dreamed of.  

It was like they found hope.

This was rarely "just" a dose of truth that they learned from an article, website, or newspaper. It was nearly always impactful truth that was delivered with an affective component as well (i.e. emotional connection).

Sometimes relational, sometimes a passion for something greater in life, but it nearly always seemed to be that they were suddenly able to connect to their soul in a new way.

They were able to reach out and find something else in life

in them, in the world, in their life

to be meaningful.

Art. Creativity. Innovation.

What if we could find a better way to communicate truth and hope? What if we could help people become motivated to change by sharing stories, short films, and images that bring life? 

Something that offers hope and motivation.

Something that is authentic.

So in July of 2015, I got together some of my wonderful artistic, creative friends. Coming from the areas of film, photography, communication, and psychology, we hope that Recovery Spark brings you a sense of hope, life, and connection with your soul that we all so desperately yearn for.

We hope that you enjoy and connect with the eating disorder recovery resources that we create and share. We plan to provide these resources through various artistic expressions including short films, a blog, photography and other creative outlets.


We believe the various short films that we create and post will be the backbone of our work. We feel that story telling is one of the best forms of communication from soul to soul.

Believe me, we really want to share more here about these amazing eating disorder recovery resources, but we also want to be mindful not to let the proverbial "cat out of the bag" too early. 

Be patient ;)

You will notice that these films will start showing up on the site soon. We hope they are life giving and your soul enjoys them!


Authentic. Real. Open.

The main goal of our blog is to genuinely share thoughts with a brave community of people who are working toward recovery from an eating disorder. We hope our blog is a helpful resource for you.

For this reason, the blogs may often feel a bit gritty and have edges to them. They are not edited 1000x by a professional editor - in fact, we encourage the writers to avoid over editing their writing as it may tame their the humanity and authenticity.

They are written as the writer feels motivated and inspired by a topic. We hope that this comes through in our work.

We want to be

     Raw, but optimistic and hope-filled.

     Compassionate, but not condescending or watered-down.

     Innovative, but not contrived.

We want to connect with the head, heart, and soul

of anyone who is suffering from an eating disorder and isn't sure what to do next,

of the mother or father up late at night reading in an attempt to understand their hurting daughter or son, 

and of the professional who wants to deepen their understanding of the experience of many people with eating disorders wanting to move toward recovery.


Photography and the eating disorder community have had a difficult relationship over the last few decades. It was not "photography" itself, but how culture and media used, edited, and reformulated photography as a creative expression to put forth an unachievable human figure as the goal for all of us.

Photography itself is beautiful.

It is capturing our surroundings at a moment in time and saying "look at our beautiful world!"

We at Recovery Spark want to take back photography and use it to promote positivity, love, and respect for the world and all people around us. We believe that photos can be great eating disorder recovery resources if utilized intentionally.

Pictures are a way that we tell stories. Stories are the way we connect and share our lives with others. We seek to tell beautiful, encouraging stories about life.

We hope that you enjoy them! And, even more, we hope that you find them to be meaningful and that they connect you to hope and the part of you that desires to make a positive change.