Two weeks ago we shot the YOU CAN films and four GURU films. Thank you to Carolyn Costin, Kelly Klump, Jessica Setnick, and Doug Bunnell for graciously lending their time, voice, and wisdom to encourage people who are determined to beat their eating disorder. 

For anyone who is curious about what happens behind the scenes of cool videos like the ones below, you may find these pictures interesting.

Behind the scenes... unedited and taken from our phones :)

First of all, the room is lit up very bright. Like crazy bright! Like everyone walked in the room and their first words were "woooow, you got the whole thing going on here!" And it is like pure light, not like yellow light that normal bulbs have, but like white light that is more natural feeling. Kinda cool.

Secondly, believe it or not, all of these videos took place in a hotel room. A smaller than normal hotel room I might add. What is really amazing is that the white background you see in the YOU CAN films is simply white paper. We just put so much light on it that it appears seamless and a bit "Matrix-like" as I like to think of it. Red pill or blue pill?

Third, when I was doing the interviews, there was so little space in the room that I was literally sitting uncomfortably on a tiny box in the corner. I had to stop the interviews at times because my legs were falling asleep. Anyways, fun times, fun times. 

Lastly, none of the interviewees knew that we were going to ask them to create a YOU CAN video. They knew they were being interviewed, but the last question of each interview was intended to bring out the personal nature of instilling hope into someone who is struggling with an eating disorder.

This was the only time we asked them to look directly into the camera and speak personally as if someone was sitting right there. We gave them all the option to not do it, but they all were excited about this and wanted to participate and share.

I hope that you enjoy the short YOU CAN films (45-90 seconds) and feel inspired and motivated.