Trigger Warning | Some Images below may be triggering to some people.


The picture above is of our Film Director, Aidan. Isn't he awesome!?!?

But, as good as he is, he can only control the films and videos that he creates, he cannot control the images that appear immediately after you watch a video... Let me explain more...

Since we started creating short films and videos for the Recovery Spark website, we have used two different video housing and sharing platforms. I will refrain from naming them at this point. But, in the process I have learned a lot about how differently these two programs operate. I will describe below.

One of them has about 10x more viewers than the other one. That is a lot! And it is free. So it is easily accessible to lots of people and is the "go to" video website for the vast majority of people in the United States. It is an obvious choice for anyone who is creating videos to share with the community.

However, with that said, there is one drawback to this larger and more popular site. After you watch a video housed by this group, there is a list of 8 or so other videos that pop up that you can choose to watch. This would be completely fine for the vast majority of issues. But if someone is looking for videos on "eating disorder recover" and they come across ours and watch it... the choices of "next videos" might be quite disturbing to many people. Why? Because they are randomly chosen videos (or chosen based on an elaborate system unknown to me). And many of the videos are certainly not appropriate for someone pursuing recovery.

The other video housing group sees 1/10th the traffic (less visible) and costs money. Not tons, but these are two drawbacks. However, there are no advertisements and the videos they recommend after you watch one video are the other videos by the same author. So we can choose videos we believe are not triggering.

As I said at the beginning, there are photos in this post that are potentially triggering. So please do not view this post any further if this would be difficult for you. However, I do feel that I want to post these so that anyone reading this can be thoughtful about how they think about and search for eating disorder recovery supports and videos. Please be careful and know that seeking videos can be a difficult process.

Lastly, I will say that while we will continue to have videos on both sites, we plan on only using the system that we have control over in all the videos on our site. Why not take them off the other site? Because I think it is still good to have good videos on that site that are positive and inspiring. But we will not post those to our site or social media for the reasons described above.

The image below is a screen shot I took after watching a video on the site we now use to house our videos. As you can see, this is quite appropriate.

The above picture is in direct contrast to the image below, which was a screen shot I took after viewing one of our videos on the other site's platform. As you can see, many of these are likely not helpful and potentially triggering to individuals suffering from eating disorders who are working hard toward recovery. I will reiterate that all videos on our site from now on will be housed by the above source, not the below source. Even though this will make our videos a bit harder to find, we are committed to providing a positive experience for people who visit our site.