I'm very excited to say that Recovery Spark will have the opportunity to sit down for an interview with Kelly Klump, Ph.D.

Kelly is an important figure in modern psychological research on eating disorders, and particularly in the area of etiology (i.e. what causes eating disorders?). Her research on the connection between genetics and development, and risk factors for eating disorders, has informed us far more about causes of eating disorders than we have ever known before.

Dr. Klump is a clinical psychologist and professor within the psychology department at Michigan State University.


I'm super excited to meet her!


I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Klump speak at an eating disorder conference at Johns Hopkins last year and I was impressed by how she was able to make difficult concepts very easy to understand. This is a rare and helpful gift!

I am thankful that Recovery Spark will be able to sit down and talk with her more and hope that you learn a lot from what her research has to offer.

We hope to have have the video posted by December 10th to our Guru Film Series. I'll keep you updated ;)

The purpose of this blog entry is to share eating disorder recovery related ideas and does not represent professional medical of psychological advice from Mike Thomas or Recovery Spark. For professional advice, please connect with the professional eating disorder specialist that you work with.