Recovery Means Having Fun... Photos

So we took a trip.

David, Lisa, and I took a trip to a local orchard to pick apples and have some fun. David, of course, took many pictures throughout the day, most of which involve us having some fun.

I look forward to a yearly trip to this orchard that is about an hour from my house. It is seriously one of the highlights of my year. 

The air just feels different out there when you can stand there and not see concrete anywhere.

And, apart from the bees, my mind is at complete ease - i'm a little allergic. :)

But it got me thinking.

A mind at ease is something that many take for granted, but many suffering from eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder rarely have a mind at peace. There is near constant preoccupation with eating disordered thoughts and fears.

It is exhausting, isn't it?

We were filming for one of our RECOVER films earlier this week and I was talking with my friend J. who will be sharing her story in the short film. She mentioned that it has been so many years since she was last in the eating disorder (something like 10+) that she initially had difficulty recalling pieces of her story.

It was like she was so in her current life with her family, friends, and meaningful relationships and work that the idea of a mind preoccupied with eating disordered thoughts was completely outside of her daily experience.


Can you imagine that kind of freedom? 

So free that you have to intentionally reflect back to recall elements of your story.

That kind of freedom from the eating disorder can be real. People achieve it every day. 

I'm really excited about our RECOVER films that we will be putting out in the coming days. All of the videos that we have done have been fun! Fun to connect with these amazing people and hear their stories of hope.

And fun to be in the moment.

Fully 100% present. 

I hope that you can find the same peace of mind. I also kinda hope you go to an orchard this fall. I mean really, they are tons of fun! ;)


The purpose of this blog entry is to share eating disorder recovery related ideas and does not represent professional medical of psychological advice from Mike Thomas or Recovery Spark. For professional advice, please connect with the professional eating disorder specialist that you work with.

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