A few members of our team took some YOU CAN recover photos this week. We hope you find a little encouragement and support. Pass it on!

YOU CAN recover from your eating disorder.

It doesn't matter if it is anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or binge eating disorder.

YOU CAN recover.

Even if you are feeling hopeless and alone right now.

Even when you feel like the thoughts and feelings are just too strong...

YOU CAN recover.

If you haven't seen our YOU CAN videos yet, you should take a look below. They are all 60-90 seconds. These first four were with renowned eating disorder experts. All wonderful people who had inspiring, encouraging, empowering words to say to you.

In creating the below YOU CAN videos, we asked each person what they would say if they were talking to someone who was suffering from an eating disorder and were feeling hopeless, but also wanting to believe that recovery is possible. So, we asked... what would you say? Their responses were wonderfully compassionate, caring, and authentic.

If you would like to create a YOU CAN video, we would love to post it!